HTML elements added via provideUI() can not be found with document.getElementById()

This seems to be the case. The whole dom tree seems to consist of an “app” node and nothing else. If I add elements via provideUI(), document.getElementById will always return ‘null’ for the ids of these elements. But I can see the element in the debug tools window … Is there a way to access the elements via typescript? Here is some (non working) code as example. Clicking on the link in the popup after /openproject should log a reference to the element, but does not:

import "@logseq/libs";

function main() {

    openCalendar () {
      console.log("hi, calendar");
  logseq.Editor.registerSlashCommand("openproject", async () => {
      key: 'miktest',
      template: `
        Go Calendar


Regards, Michael

Try ths:


As an additional note, a plugin is sandboxed within <iframe>.

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Excellent, thanks! Did I miss some documentation?

Indeed, there might be a possibility that the document does not exist.
I’m referring to plugin samples and code from existing plugins for guidance.

Do you have recommendations for well written plugins, that do not use Vue or React but reveal more than the samples here:

Regards, Michael

This document can be extremely helpful. However, it’s in Chinese, not English. Enabling page translation as a browser extension would be advisable.

OK, thanks a lot!