HTML entity codes

I’m in the process of “importing” several hundred Markdown files from other sources (Obsidian, Quiver, generic files used with mdbook, etc.) and I keep running into an issue where HTML entity codes (1) are not being parsed as HTML entities, and (2) are causing nodes to be created in the “graph”, as if they were real documents.

Example: if a Markdown file contains “⚠️” (which is a yellow triangle with a “!” in it, or “:warning:” if this editor doesn’t mess up the formatting and your browser has access to a font with that glyph), (1) Logseq renders it as a non-clickable “&”, plus “#x26A0;& #xFEOF” as a link, plus a non-clickable “;”, when the cursor moves to another line, and (2) it adds a node called x26A0;& in the graph, with back-references to every file which contains that character.

Every other Markdown editor or rendering engine I’ve used, treats these codes correctly - Logseq is the first program I’ve seen that doesn’t.

Is there a setting or a plugin that will make Logseq treat HTML entity codes correctly?

If not, this will be a “deal killer” for my being able to migrate from Obsidian to Logseq, at least for work-related notes, because I’ve been using these HTML entity codes for years, and they are present in about 150 of the documents I would eventually want to import into Logseq.