HTML tags are not rendered correctly when they are in the middle of a word

Example with characters before the tag:


Example with characters after the tag:


Mostly relevant for underline <u>/<ins> as bold and italic have markdown support and are rendered correctly.

Try this:

t @@html: <u>est</u> @@

It invokes using slash command ‘Embed HTML’

Thanks, that’s clever! @@html: t<u>est</u> @@ works.

Not sure if I can mark your answer as “Solution” w/o essentially trashing this bug report. Probably it’s still useful if this was looked into at some point, as there is no easy way to use underline currently (although Bad3r had a go [WIP] feat: support underline for markdown and update string format pattern by Bad3r · Pull Request #9245 · logseq/logseq · GitHub).

And if someone is visiting this thread looking for some answer this plugin might be of interest: GitHub - sethyuan/logseq-plugin-wrap: Create your own wrappings with optional key bindings for selected text, a set of useful defaults is also provided.

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