I am unable to create/ open graphs on google drive from iphone

I use logseq on pc and on iPhone, looking to share graphs between them via Google drive (GD) and one drive (OD)

On iPhone, Open graph shows GD and OD Icons but they are inert from within logseq.

Both drives are active and usable outside logseq app on iPhone.

Am I missing a logseq setting or are they just not ready for use yet?

As far as I know this is an Apple limitation actually. Apps cannot access things outside their own folders.

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How are users using Logseq on multiple devices - pc and iphone such that notes sync?

I use git personally. There’s the official Logseq sync. And using the iCloud folder and iCloud sync. Though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.
As you write in Logseq it is constantly updating the files in the background. Any sync service running in the background will pick up on those changes and try to sync the changes.
This leads (often) to conflicts and potentially data loss.
So I opted for a way of syncing I have full control over. I only sync my files when I want. Either end of day or when switching devices. I will tell git to commit and push and on the other device I’ll pull in those changes and continue from there.

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