I can't exit logseq without having to force-quit. Overall macOS system slowdown

My setup: I am running a large logseq database using the Readwise plug-in. Around 19000 pages. Running on an M1 Mac mini and 16 GB of RAM. All files are sitting outside of my iCloud folder.

It might be a difficult one to pin down, but in effect I’m experiencing an overall slowdown of my macOS system when logseq is running (closing all other apps except for Safari). If I quit logseq or restart the computer the problem fixes itself.

Then, I find myself having to force quit or cancel the process from the Activity Monitor. CPU and memory usage remains fairly under control, with no big spikes.

What actions can I take to start debugging the issue? Perhaps the Readwise plugin has something to do with it?

I tried re-indexing the database doesn’t do much of a difference.

Do you use logseq sync by chance?

Can you record a performance profile?

No logseq sync. However, on that directory I am running a git repo to publish my changes.

That could be part of the issue.


Here you go:

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Given the exception event captured:

Any console output captured when you exit the program?

Seems to be the case of Unable to close Logseq · Issue #8536 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
But we have no deterministic way to reproduce the issue.
Do you have any clue to reproduce it?
Is this issue happening on a new graph?

Is this working for you?

I did have git auto commit enabled, it is now disabled and appears to be working.