I get "Page already exists with another file" error in blank/new databases!

I’m trying to use two databases side by side using the “New Window” function. I will publish one of them, and the other is for reference as I build pages in the public one.

So far I’ve created 3 new databases to use in the second window. I can’t do anything in them. Every time I add or update a block, I get the “Page already exists with another file” error.

When I look at the folder hierarchy, I see that alongside the folders I expect to see. Beneath the DB Name, there are the assets, journals, logeq and pages folders. But the whole file structure has been duplicated. So what I really see is DBName, then below that, the DBName repeated, inside the same folder as journals, logseq and pages. If I click into that DBName subfolder that shouldn’t be there, I see the same journals’ logseq and pages folders again, and any pages I’ve created show up at both levels.

Closing Logseq, deleting the recursive subfolder by hand, and re-opening it does not solve the problem. I don’t know what to do. I am on a deadline that involves getting this graph online and I’m stumped!


Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to make this a published site (through github.io, eventually). I have it that

If I try to make a change, I get these two error messages:

Page already exists with another file: journals/2023_04_23.md, current file: DBName/journals/2023_04_23.md. Please keep only one of them and re-index your graph.

Page already exists with another file: DBName/journals/2023_04_23.md, current file: DBName/DBName/journals/2023_04_23.md. Please keep only one of them and re-index your graph.