I get the message "The file has been modified on your local disk!" when modifying certain pages

Whenever I modify certain files (not all, strangely), I get the message:

“The file has been modified on your local disk! File path: […], please save your changes and click the refresh button to reload it.”

It’s annoying because the message appears multiple times and I have to close each instance individually.

This started happening after I installed Google Drive for desktop, but I don’t know if it’s correlation or causation. I tried closing Google Drive, but I still get the message.

Note I have Windows 10 installed.

I lost my past week’s work due to this bug. :frowning:

I thought I was backing up my files. But I discovered that the Logseq pages in which I get that annoying message are not updated on the disk, so they aren’t backed up.

Oops I’m new to this, and this makes me re-consider keep using remnote for now.