I need advice on how to structure and use my LogSeq graph for large amounts of information

I’ve been using LogSeq for close to 2 weeks and have fallen in love, but I feel like I’m lacking in being able to use it to it’s potential, I have seen lots of tutorials but I’m lacking inspiration on how to structure my workflow for extensive notes on technical subjects like programming and web development in addition to normal journalling and links, I have a lot I want to organize and day by day my graph gets more complex but the way I’m doing it now doesn’t feel ideal
Let me tell you how I use Logseq so far:

  • Everything goes into daily journal
  • I use links and tags in every heading and most blocks
  • I have my contents set up with my most used pages
  • Almost all of my pages consist of only linked references, except maybe a description and alias property, I don’t use properties for anything else yet
  • I just started experimenting with hierarchy pages with my devNotes/idea page, not sure how it’ll help, it’s basically what I was doing with my contents
  • Don’t know much about namespaces and queries and how/if they can help me somehow

In the example below I wanted to add to an idea I had previously with some new information I learned, so I went into the daily journal and embedded the block from yesterday where I previously mentioned that idea. That block had a previous block embedded within it as well. This feels clunky.

This particular project is me attempting to figure out how to scrape, organize, summarize, and input data into ChatGPT or a similar LLM in order to train on my own dataset, I need to learn every aspect of this process. A good way to test my Logseq workflow, I think.

As of now I feel it could serve me much better than how I’m currently using it, this doesn’t feel ideal, I feel like theres something else I should be doing. Maybe embrace using individual pages more rather than just inputting everything in the daily journal?

I’m a beginner programmer and have so much to learn in this field, computer science is incredibly vast so knowledge linking and copious notes are essential, but I can see how this can quickly overwhelm me, everyday I input a lot of new notes and I like not worrying about organizing and structure but it’s starting to become a lot and i want ensure I’m not gonna regret the way i structure 1000+ words of notes per day

I am not good with coming up with my own workflow and don’t have much inspiration to draw from, all I know is I need to be able to note large amount of technical notes, lecture notes, project notes, thoughts/journals, and web links - I need to be able to relate them to one another effortlessly, add to them easily, and draw from them seamlessly.

My goal with this post is to seek the advice of more experienced Logseq users who might have some better ideas for how to use my graph.

Another screenshot, this time my devLog with notes on my new website. I think these screenshots give a good idea of how I currently use Logseq

P.S. I really love Logseq. Like a lot. Something about it, y’know?


Would this help?