I need help to publish a body of knwoledge in data management for the energy sector using Data Mesh (some budget available)

Dear Logseq community,

I have been using Logseq extensively since two years ago and have been a customer/advocate [*] since a year. Now, I have decided to use Logseq where I maintain the source content for a Body of Knowledge (BoK) that I intend to publish on the topic of Data Management for the Energy sector using Data Mesh. The work is sponsored by one of the industry leaders and will be maintained further afterwards by a number of pioneers in the industry. I still haven’t decided on the final set of tools that will form the web publication framework for the BoK I plan to publish but Logseq could be the system of entry for this initiative. If I manage to combine Logseq and Hugo [~] together, I think I will be able to go forward with Logseq. I already have https://sindoc.github.io/website/ where I experimented with having GitHub actions handle publications from Logseq graph automatically on the Web. But I need help customizing the generated HTML and the CSS that goes with it, etc.

Can someone help walk me through what’s needed? As I have said in the title, I can secure some limited budget depending on the qualifications of the person helping me in this journey.

Be seeing you,

[*] I have introduced Logseq to several diverse communities around the world and not just digital communities but actually, mainly communities in the real sense of the word i.e. tech-savvy families that share constructive values of freedom and tolerance among their neighbors, friends, and other families whether or not they are a member of their immediate community. After all, we are all Sapiens who try to maximize the value of our time, aren’t we? And somehow, Logseq is a fantastic way of communicating at nuanced levels, in ways that was not possible in the past. I could argue that Logseq should have been the initial version of the web browser. Okay, it took us 30 years to come up with the right web client and our subjective filter into the Web, NOT just as a consumer but also as a producer of knowledge, using references and I thank Universe for the continued efforts from the Web communities led by W3C and the satellite working groups who have created the required standards for us to step into a next phase of the Web. At least, I can now at least rely on Logseq for that. Especially with the nifty and brilliant API server feature!!! (Thank you team! You are stars!)

[~] I co-wrote, together with my brother, SilkPage, an XML-based and Semantic Web-aware, Free and Open Source (as in freedom) software package for publishing quality content on the Web. The source code is removed from the Subversion repository I had back then. I might publish it again on GitHub as a few people have been asking for it but no time at the moment. SilkPage is mentioned/referenced in Bob Stayton’s book on DocBook XSLT stylesheets (i just noticed that Bob’s HTTPS certificate may have expired so don’t judge me for that please.) SilkPage was a web publication framework similar to Hugo but all based on a website-friendly and complete set of DocBook XML vocabularies that Norman Walks had defined with the wider team then. But nowadays, I prefer to give Hugo a shot since they managed to actually nurture a digital community around Hugo, which is not comparable with the kind of community that I had created then. I was 17 when I published SilkPage and received funding from Google to work on it further as part of Google Summer of Code. But my contributions were not that significant then as I had a hard time engaging with senior individuals such as Norman Walsh and Tim Bray, who were my childhood heroes. It was a bit intimidating.

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