I need to increase Logseq text size on my ipad

There is an edit CSS button on the iPad and I was thinking maybe I could copy something simple into that to change the text size in my Logseq outlines. I am not a programmer. Any thoughts?

I have a iPad air 5 and some problems with my eyes.
Tried to change global font size in iOS options but things are not solved at all.

Did you find any solution?.

Thanks in advance.

Just found a solution,

Install a theme on the iPad, you need to manually copy contents to custom.css file on the iPad Logseq Folder.

Change the font size on this theme.

Example: GitHub - hisea/logseq-ozean-theme, then take the main.css file contents and copy on your custom.css file.

Change the font size on “oz-text-size” to your size:

:root {
–oz-text-size: 18px;
–oz-line-height: 1.6;
–ls-font-family: “Only Emoji”, “Inter”, “Noto Sans SC”, sans-serif;
–oz-page-title-font-family: var(–ls-font-family);
–oz-code-font-family: “Hack”, monospace;

Sorry, but I’m not an css nor logseq expert, hope to learn better the procedure.