I quit logseq when an error occured - I started it again and everything was gone

Hi there,

I have just started using Logseq yesterday and installed it on my macbook. So far I worked on one page for a couple of hours…whilst highlighting literature in logseq suddenly an error occured - I quit logseq and opend it again, and had to realyse that my logseq page was compleatly empty - no pages, no notes - everything gone. I saved the mc. fils on my desktop and they are still there but logseq can’t open them…what should I do? please help!

First take a backup of the files on system and then Reindex your graph.


Maybe reselecting the desktop as the folder you want logseq to work from can help.
You can do this from the top left menu where you can also find refresh and reindex if you need them.