I would like some help to learn logseq?

Hello everyone,
**I would like some help to learn logseq. **

I’ve been using logseq for a while now. I discovered and love the software. I’ve also decided to migrate most of the online and non-private apps I’ve been using.

To do this, I did some research, found some videos, or the Topics tagged lesson which is pal mal.
The hub also gives good examples.
However, I’m having trouble navigating the documentation and I’m lacking guides, text tutorials and the like to learn how to use it properly.

To give an example:
I’m on the first challenge of the namespace tag

I’ve searched the documentation, but it redirects me in several directions, and I’m lost

I’m a bit slow, to learn I need to play with it, test variants to assimilate and understand it.

Could you give me your ways of learning, of using logseq, the points, the tips you think are important and in which order to use them?

Many thanks in advance to those who will give of their time.

What I know

  • I know how to use the basics of mardown


  • Point lists
  1. numbered list
 Code block 

___ dividing line

Nearly all of those listed in the start New to Logseq? Start here

I know they exist, but I don’t understand them all

  • metadata
    type:: book
    tag:: car, etc

[[ Link / with / some /slash ]]

queries {{}}

Things I plan to do

  • Follow the following challenges, hoping to understand the current namespaces
  • Search the doc, hub, forum, YouTube and discord.
  • Read your responses to this post