iCloud syncing but iOS app not updating content

Usually I struggle to make iCloud sync between Mac and iPhone.

But this time I can go inspect the files and everything is there that I wrote a week ago and yet the iOS app just ignores it? I can write new stuff; but not read everything I wrote on Mac for about 4 days now.

Is my only option deleting the iOS app and reinstalling? I’ve “force quit” several times and don’t see a “reload” option.

I’m also having this issue. You don’t have to re-install, instead you can:

  1. Open the iCloud Logseq folder in the files app
  2. Notice the “cloud” icon by some folders
  3. Open each folder with a cloud icon, that will cause it to sync
  4. Go back to Logseq, select “refresh” from the top-left hamburger menu

But this is a huge pain.