Ideas to store larger files

Hi, I think I pretty much committed to Logseq right now and one thing that I haven’t really figured out is how to attach larger files to a page with the main goal of never having a dead link.

Example 1: I have a page about something I learned, where I summarized content I gathered from different external sources. Like books, online courses and membership sites. One page offers an archive file with code snippets, pictures, short clips, etc. that is 100MB in size.

Example 2: Book-like PDFs that are 50MB+

I don’t want to add those types of files to Logseq because I’d have to store locally on every synced device then, which might be a storage issue with mobile devices, but even on my desktop I’d prefer bigger files to be available on demand. If I use Logseq for a few years, this could easily be 50+ GB. More if I decide to add video files. I don’t think Logseq itself should become a hosting “company”

My current best idea is to self host a Nextcloud instance because

1.) I can add a new dedicated Logseq user that just has access to Logseq content, and there is no mix-up with my regular cloud storage folder.
2.) There is the least chance of dead links because it is my responsibility and I can choose the backup strategy.
3.) File requests are authenticated, so even if someone knew the URL you’d have to sign in first. (E2EE is another topic)

Do you link bigger files that are not publicly available? If yes, I wonder what you’re using:

  • Files saved directly in the assets folder?
  • Link to local files outside of the assets folder? (so that they’re just available on one device or synced with another tool)
  • S3 bucket?
  • Storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive and others?

Looking for ideas before I add the first links to bigger files

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You can add symlinks in your assets folder that point to an external folder. You may change the folder location but just update the symlink and Logseq references will keep working.

If you need to reorganize the subfolders in your asset folder you can use another app like VS Code or Obsidian that updates references in Markdown files when you move assets.

Logseq with version 0.9.0 will let you “mount” external folders so you won’t even need manual symlinks.

Also you may be interested in this:


Wow, thanks! That’s exciting news! I think I will use this for graphs that I only need to access on Desktop. For mobile (iOS) the mounted folder on Desktop would probably break things and would have to be fully synced, right?

I don’t know sorry, let’s see once 0.9.0 is out.