If the database of Logseq changes will the advanced queries also be different?

I want to get into advanced queries. If Logseq gets a new database, is it better to wait with that until that database is in place?

It might be awhile till that is done and advanced queries can benefit you now.
I also sincerely hope I can keep using the advanced queries I already built (there’s a lot of them in my graph!)

Also the database version isn’t going to replace the markdown files according to the Trello board. So I expect any advanced queries will keep working with the markdown option regardless.

“There’s not a switch. Two storage methods (file, DB) will be in parallel”

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For the clueless; what does it mean when we say that they’re changing the database version? Are they going to a completely different data model? Or will this be something that is fairly transparent to the user?

I am responding to this block " Work on Database Model Continues" in this newsletter

From the Trello card I linked:
“DB storage is for users looking for good outliner performance and structured data support. Also, there will be a full graph markdown export with automatic refreshing to cover the local-first demands.”

They are not changed DB version. They are making a database version. There currently isn’t one.
Currently Logseq makes an internal database in memory based on your files.
This will be an actual database as far as I understand it. But as stated with export to markdown capability.