I'm using Linux, and error happens when I try to log into Logseq Sync

You might see the url redirection throws error after typing your username and password then click the Login button, like:

If you are using Linux, you may have to execute
xdg-mime default Logseq.desktop x-scheme-handler/logseq
to map the application with the MIME type.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will have a in-app Login UX very soon.



hey there, so apparently AppImages for electron apps using the electron-builder used to have a option where you could make the AppImage install its assets to the system, which would handle creating the desktop file, which is needed to handle the mime associations for the link that the login button tries to open. however, this option has been deprecated, and now you need to use the AppImageLauncher to handle this. basically just install AppImageLauncher from the logseq releases page via a deb or rpm or whatever, and then when you download the logseq appimage and attempt to run it, you will get prompted to install the appimage to your system. after you do this, everything should work fine


this workaround should work after this pr is merged: feat: export login-callback fn by RCmerci · Pull Request #8326 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
also post the steps here:

For Firefox users to find out the code:

For how to open Devtool (on browser & in app)


This is not working for me on 0.8.17 in with #8326 had been merged. Clicking Login button in Logseq, and logging in does bring me back to Logseq now, but the login to setup sync does not continue.
The dev console code also does not work…

VM162:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: frontend is not defined
    at <anonymous>:1:1
(anonymous) @ VM162:1

It’s working on my side (0.8.17 release build, using a fake token)

Be ware, execute the code on the Devtool of Logseq INSTEAD OF the browser’s

frontend.handler.user.login_callback(<PASTE YOUR TOKEN HERE>)