I'm using Logseq Sync, what should I do if I am experiencing sync issues?

What is Logseq Sync?

Oh, I can’t Sign-up or Log-in!

  1. Confirm you are using the same email address as the one in Open Collective (as Logseq Sync is in beta testing)
  2. Is your donation using the Incognito mode in Open Collective?
  3. Wait 60 minutes if you just finish the donation on Open Collective

If the steps above are not working, ask for help in the beta-sync channel of Discord

If you are experiencing sync issues when using Logseq Sync, such as old files always downloaded from the remote server, there are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue:

Make sure iCloud or any other 3rd party sync service is disabled for the graph.

Multiple sync services cannot be harmony on the same directory :wink:

Using Android / iOS, and Logseq crash on startup / switching to remote graph

Check network connectivity

Make sure using the latest version of Logseq on ALL devices

Logseq team is in quick action on fixing bugs. Old versions might contain bugs and incompatibility. Reset might be required to take effects (See How to reset a remote graph)

Using Android, and Logseq Sync stop after Logseq is recovered from background?

It’s a known issue and fixed in 0.8.16. Restart Logseq would fix the Sync.

Using custom journal date format?

It’s a known issue that, download remote graph with custom date format setup would show wrong date format in journal section. Re-index could fix.
Don’t edit the journal section on the date in wrong format. It would potentially cause data-loss on other clients.
May use page history button on the other clients to fetch the file back.

Just renamed between capitalization?

It’s a observed but rare issue (we are fixing!) on mac that might lead Logseq Sync to a weird state. For now, a resolution is to reset the remote graph:
How to reset a remote graph

Check for special or reserved characters in filenames

To protect data integrity across multiple devices, special or reserved characters in filenames required to be escaped before Sync. Follow the conversion UI if your file names contain special characters https://docs.logseq.com/#/page/filename%20format

(fixed, action required for affected users)
In older version of Logseq (< 0.8.12), some files with special characters would be mistakenly uploaded to remote graph and unable to be deleted. We have fixed it in recent versions (after 0.8.12), but a reset of the remote graph is required to make the fix works: How to reset a remote graph

(fixed, action required for affected users)
In older version of Logseq (< 0.8.15) on some old devices / platforms (like using HFS as file system for macOS), some files with accent / diacritics (like ä) or Japanese characters (like あ) would be mistakenly handled. We have fixed it in recent versions (since 0.8.15), but a reset of the remote graph may be required to make the fix works: How to reset a remote graph

How to reset a remote graph

1) Copy your graph directory on the desktop.
2) Re-add it to Logseq.
3) Set up sync on all devices. Remember to set a fresh (empty) directory when selecting directory.

We are working on providing an easier way to reset the remote data.

Some other possible issues

if the above case doesn’t fit, check
1) Network connectivity problems - the proxy setting in Logseq may help
2) Conflicting changes to the same file made on different devices

Protect your data

There are multiple safe-net in Logseq to protect the data: the page history feature in Logseq and the recycle directory for recent deleted / overwritten files in <graph directory>/logseq/bak

How to report Logseq Sync related issues

We are promptly tracking & fixing sync issues, but as the remaining bugs are corner cases in rare conditions, the main blocker is the lack of information to reproduce the error. Some crucial information for issue reproduction are:
1) The version of Logseq you are using (on all devices)
2) The operating system and version you are using (on all devices)
3) When did you setup the remote graph
4) A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing, including any error messages you may have received
5) Steps to reproduce the issue, if possible
6) Any relevant logs or screenshots that may help to understand the issue

To report a Logseq Sync issue, you can either open an issue on the Logseq GitHub repository or in the beta-sync channel of Discord. Feel free to ping the team for attention if you are suffering any sync issue.


Thanks! Just a couple of follow-up questions to help me decide if I should sign up for beta-sync:

  1. Any idea when the sync will come out of beta into general availability?

  2. Is the the beta-sync channel restricted to beta users only? I’m not able to access that channel!


  1. Will need to leave it to the Logseq team to advise.
  2. Yes, it is currently only available to Sponsors and Backers. You can be one on Contribute to Logseq - Open Collective
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For question 1, Soon. Will deliver together with a subscription system

Suppose I become a backer today ($5/month) and start using Sync. Next month you launch Sync for $15/month (for example). Will backers continue to have access at the lower price?

$15 is too high :sweat_smile:
And of course there will be an early bird price.

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