Images that are not in the `./assets` dir should also be exported

Images that are not in the ./assets dir should also be exported.

Create a file outside pages, referencing an image outside assets:

▸ assets/
▸ journals/
▸ logseq/
▸ pages/
▾ tips/
  ▾ approx-combination/

Content of


It’s all right when editing and rendering.

But the Image does not display in the exported graph

After exporting with top-right menu -> export graph -> export public pages, the image disappears.

There are two problems with it:

  1. Images not in the assets dir are not exported. My image is tips/approx-combination/binomial-normal-margin.png, but in the output dir there is no such file.

  2. The URL is truncated. which can be found in the exported index.html:


    But when opening it in a browser, the file path is truncated:

    <img loading="lazy" src="pprox-combination/binomial-normal-margin.png" title="foo" class="rounded-sm shadow-xl relative" style="display: none;">

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