Imbricated copies of Logseq graph folder in external drive


I have a problem with a new KB created in a hierarchy of folders on an external volume. Logseq create automatically in the KB a new folder Volumes several times imbricated in itself, with this kind of alert :

Page already exists with another file: /Volumes/Samsung T5 2 To/A/B/C/KB/pages/, current file: /Volumes/Samsung T5 2 To/A/B/C/KB/Volumes/Samsung T5 2 To/A/B/C/KB/

I always have the same problem as soon as I create a new graph on an external SSD. Several nested Volumes folders are recreated by Logseq at the start and each time documents are edited. A bug ?

Capture d’écran 2022-07-25 à 16.17.32

Ok, It seems that it’s just a problem of accented sign in the path of the graph folder…