Implement Ctrl+Wheel Up/Down for Zoom In / Out in the Logseq UI

We now have Ctrl+Shift+= for zooming in and Ctrl+- for zooming out, as well as a Ctrl+0 for default zoom. Bot having a mouse alternative would be faster in some cases and it’s widely used in other apps.

I believe it’s not that difficult to implement.

PS: it would be nice to have this available in individual elements, like the right Sidebar’s “cards”, etc.

As none of the above mentioned work for me (Desktop: Shortcut to zoom in is Ctrl+Shift+= · Issue #1492 · logseq/logseq · GitHub) and this is not implemented, I can not use logseq

I cannot understand why, up until now, this basic functionality has not been implemented. It is very unfriendly to the users.