Implementing a hierarchy in logseq


I’m new to logseq, and I have a question regarding how to implement a hierarchy of tags or the like for research for a book. Basically I would like to have a hierarchy of tags that reflects the hierarchical book outline. That way, whenever I find information or have ideas for a particular section, I can assign it to its place in the hierarchy, and also generate a note that includes all the notes for all the levels of the hierarchy. Is this possible? Please note that I am not a programmer :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any difference between a folder hierarchy (or tags ), and when you write a table of contents on a page?
(And you can write finer comments on the folded part,)

Hi, thanks for your response. Could you please let me know how to make a folder hierarchy? Once I know. I’d be able to answer the question :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Terje,
you can make hierarchies with the “/” inside the pages name, like [[book/chapter 1/subchapter 1]].


The page to chapter 1 and subchapter 1 then looks like this:

And the page to the book with all linked references and the hierarchy looks like this:

There you can find all the notes for all the levels of the hierarchy under linked references.
Hope this is, what you were searching for and helped :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help. One question: is it possible to do this using tags?

In logseq , tags and links are treated as the same thing,