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I’ve been playing with Logseq and would like to move to it permanently. But I have a huge database of notes in Workflowy that I’d like to import without losing my existing internal links and some of the hierarchy (basically I’d like all top level bullets to become Logseq pages).

Would this be possible at some stage?

Right now, I am able to import from workflowy via opml but obviously all links are broken.

Speaking of links, also noticed a potentially bug: when I click a link within Logseq, it tries to open the page in the app itself instead of my browser. And once its open, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to go back to notes. Even Command + Q doesn’t work, I have to force quit to get out of there.

i really like to see this feature too. when i try to import my notes to logseq by opml it takes ages to import and when done it breaks many things even hierarchy of nodes.

I’ve been playing around with building a WorkFlowy-to-Logseq exporter/importer (repo here). It’s still a work in progress and there’s more to be done before it’s going to be remotely usable, BUT it’s feeling very promising.

Beyond the basic conversion of the WorkFlowy outline to a Markdown outline, there are some questions as to what to do about various specific WorkFlowy features. I’d welcome your input here.

Links from one node to another

I could change these to block references pretty easily. Unfortunately, you’d lose the original link text in the process. I could detect if that link text was different than the target block and do something to preserve the link text, but I’m not sure how.


This one is actually quite easy. Mirrors become block embeds {{embed ((guid)) }} pointing to the original mirror node.

Notes (Shift+Enter in WorkFlowy)

What to do with WorkFlowy “notes”? My thought is to keep them in the same block with a line break:

  • This is a block with a note
    and here’s the note
    which can be multiple lines
  • Here’s the next block

Completed items

Thinking to add “DONE” to the beginning of them so that they’re marked as such in Logseq…

Splitting outline into separate Markdown files

This should be not too hard to do at a single level. I don’t know how to handle multiple levels, though. (At least there’s a “block to page” plugin for Logseq!)

Other things?

Those are the WorkFlowy-specific features that I can think of. Am I missing anything?

Let me know what you think! Oh, and here’s the repo with my work in progress script:

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