Import image on excalidraw

I just try the excalidraw but there is no option to import the image/asset.
I try to use shortcut number 9 and import PNG. But unfortunately, have an error message.
I hope excalidraw in Logseq can import any image to make the annotation in front on the image.

I have been trying to draw on images I make of notes but have been unable to. I would greatly appreciate this feature as well!

Currently we don’t use the latest version of Excalidraw in Logseq for a variety of (technical) reasons, which is the reason of this limitation. We’re considering making the Excalidraw integration a plugin and give it to the community for maintenance and to add features.

By the way, we’re sponsoring a tldraw plugin that will have a deep integration with Logseq. Think being able to embed blocks and pages right within a drawing.

See for a short demo:


Wow, I am so happy to hear about this! :star_struck:
Definitely something I missed for now and that I am looking forward for.

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I’m glad to hear this good news. Awesome integration! I hope this plugin will release soon to enrich the Logseq ecosystem. Logseq development is very quick.
Thank you for your hard work and the teams.

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