Import Markdown files into Logseq failed

I have some MD files and put them into pages directory, when I open Logseq and I can see some of these MD files but some files cannot find.
I found the url:How to import markdown files without re-indexing? - #4 by Alex_QWxleA, try to use git or logseq command to import but it does’t work.
Do you know how can I find those MD files in Logseq?
Thank you.

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I’d like to +1 this issue.

I created a new logseq graph and dropped a bunch of .md files into the “pages” and “journals” folders, but for some reason, only a small handful of those files are detected by Logseq. Even the journal files are not found. I should say when I initially added the files they all seemed to be detected and captured by Logseq, but on relaunch or on re-index, only some of the files are detected.