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I’ve been using Athens for quite a bit of time and as such, I have a lot of notes on it. I just discovered logseq and from my limited interaction, I feel that it is a much better fit for me. It will, however, be a pain to transfer all the notes especially if we were to use block references. I’d love a quick way to import the Athens .transit file format. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Since the current userbase for Athens is vanishingly small, creating Athens import probably won’t be a priority. But if you can output Athens into a plaintext file format, you or someone might be able to write a small script that can change it into Logseq-compatible files, especially once Logseq accepts standard Markdown.

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Hi @Aryan, welcome aboard and thank you for the post.

As someone who has used quite a few notetaking apps over the past year, import/export features are something that definitely need improving across the board. The lack of a standardised
format and model/code though means that I am not sure if this is something that is imminent - Each app has their nuances which makes capturing every single scenario burdensome.

Having said the above, I found that (currently) nothing beats manually importing your notes - it is a pain especially if you have a lot, but this way you can be sure that the links/refs are properly integrated. The other option would be as Cobblepot mentioned to export from Athens and add to your LS directory - having tried this though (not with Athens but another app), you may find you spend more time sorting your notes out than copying and pasting.

Hope this helps

Hello @Aryan, I used athens-export to migrate my notes. Give it a try.

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Yep that’s what I tried finally