Importing content from Evernote

Hi all

Does anyone have experience importing content from Evernote?

Would like to hear of any processes beyond what kind like copy and paste

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Just saw there now is an Evernote importer for Obsidian.
Might the resulting markdown work with LogSeq, too ?

obsidianmd/obsidian-importer: Obsidian Importer lets you import notes from other apps and file formats into your Obsidian vault. (

This is, has anyone tried this perhaps ? akosbalasko/yarle: Yarle - The ultimate converter of Evernote notes to Markdown (

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I’ve tried both obsidian importer and Yarle, and found the resulting markup notes quite unusable in most case. They seem to require much manual work for reformatting. Are there better options for Evernote to LogSeq export yet ?

This seems relevant to the issue I had encountered using Yarle alone: Some useful info for importing stuff into Logseq

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