Improve query: Searching for [[page x]] should consider references to blocks inside this page

When searching for page links [[page x]], I would expect to find references to blocks inside that page x too. This is similar to inheritance concepts already provided by Logseq:

- Page links are inherited through outliner block hiearchy:

- Searching for [[parent]] namespace finds links to [[parent/child]]:

I’d like to extend this inheritance idea to child blocks being sub-types of parent blocks and lastly their containing page:

Block A: ((1234)) has a block reference ((1234)) to some block in page parent with content block in parent. What I would have liked: A: ((1234)) is found with [[parent]]. Currently this isn’t the case, as you can see.

Though this can be done with advanced queries, I am in favor of having the feature automatically in simple/advanced queries and page filter widget. Searching is an integral part of knowledge management and should be easy to use.