Improve rescheduling with keyboard

Currently it’s possible to schedule a task using keyboard. However, adding time or repeater has to be done manually. This is fine, and fairly quick when you know the format. There are a few things that could be improved for keyboard usage (and possibly a bug).

Rescheduling tasks can be done by editing the scheduled text, but because the format also contain day of the week this can break repeated task when it’s day is different to actual calendar day. Example:*


Since day of the week is rendered based on the date, and not on the text, perhaps it should be removed from the scheduled format? Like this:

TODO test
SCHEDULED: <2023-07-26 .+1d>

It would be even more convenient if there were keyboard shortcuts to change the scheduled date 1 up or 1 down, so e.g. pressing the keyboard combination would change scheduled date from 2023-07-26 to 2023-07-27.

As a side note marking repeated task as done with keyboard doesn’t take repeater into consideration. Probably a new bug, as I see GitHub issue from yesterday:

*apologies for the quality, .gif is the only animated/video format I can upload directly here