In-block checkboxes only work some of the time (e.g * [ ] Item 1)

Hello, I’m unsure if it is intended behaviour:

As some are aware, you can create checkboxes that are not tasks by creating a block and then using shift enter, before entering the below

* [ ] Item 1
* [ ] Item 2

This works great! I love being able to use checkboxes that are not supposed to be tasks, for example to list configurations that I may go back to and change.

However, if the code does not have a space, it still renders exactly the same way but cannot be clicked on to change the checkbox to ‘done’.

* [ ]Item 1
* [ ]Item 2
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I cannot get it to work.

@Pulz I think this is “not abug but a feature”: the checkbox both in markdown and orgmode require the blank after the ].

@peaslee what doesn’t work for you?

When I type * it does not produce a check box.

I don’t think you have understood this.

The expected markdown would be * [ ] Item 1
However, Logseq allows you to create a checkbox with * [ ]Item 1, except the checkbox is functionally broken if done so this way.

Given that both methods create a checkbox, it is quite easy to accidentally create a checkbox with no space after the bracket - causing that checkbox to not work. If not reading the raw markdown, for example if you type very quickly - it is possible to not notice this at all until you come back to the document later to check a box.

You probably did not read the message that states that you need to shift enter, which moves to the next line without actually creating a new line.

The first checkbox item must also not be the first item in a block. I.E, you should set a title for the list and then shift + enter to create each checkbox.


- Checkboxes:
	* [ ] One
	* [ ] Two
	* [ ] Three


- Checkboxes:
	- * [ ] One
	- * [ ] Two
	- * [ ] Three

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I thought I was doing it as you suggest. When I tried again, it worked. Thanks for the help.

No problem, it definitely wasn’t intuitive and nor was it documented when I first discovered it.

My original post also does not mention the requirement for a header - likely I did not realise and was already using a header (my main use for checkboxes is with templates to create common tasks that I need to complete)