"?" in page name does not work

Weird bug here. I made a page like [[Q/why is it like so?]] with some sub notes, including parameters. Then I opened the new page by clicking the link, and dragged the original sub notes (originally made in journal page) into the dedicated page.

So far so good. Then I dragged and dropped another block. It indented, so I outdented it, which made it vanish. Ok. Re-index. Everything in the whole page now vanished, and it sent me back to journal.

I searched up my page, which I now have two copies of: [[Q/why is it like so_]] and [[Q/why is it like so?]]. The latter is empty, the former has the stuff I dragged in orignally. Ok. I can’t merge pages, so, delete original and change name of the one with the info.

All good. Re-index to make sure things are saved. All gone and reverted back again.

Sigh. Ideas?

EDIT: seems to be an issue with special characters in page names. [[Q/What is this]] seems to work as expected, while [[Q/What is this?]] does not. Further, [[Q/What is this?]] seems to generate [[Q/What is this_]] instead with the changes made on the original page.