Inbound Properties list by query

Hello, All.

Is it possible to create a query that finds other pages that reference the current page via a property and shows them grouped by property name?

I want to use this query to create an inbound properties list for the current page, and stick it right below the (outbound) page property list at the beginning of the current page.

If I’m being a little greedy, I’d like to be able to see a list of the children of the current page in the namespace hierarchy, as well as a list of the pages that the current page embeds, all together in the inbound properties list.

Ultimately, I want a table that shows property names or ‘namespace’ and ‘page embed’ as keys, with outbound links for that key on the left and inbound links for that key on the right.

In other words, I’d like to see the properties of the current page, the parent of the current page in the namespace hierarchy, and any other pages that embed the current page, all organized as “PARENT pages” and vice versa, all organized as “CHILDREN pages”, so that I can see the relationship between the pages at a glance.

If it is possible to create such a table, I would expect to be able to move naturally along the parent-child relationship or outbound-inbound links based on a particular key,

Any hints would be appreciated.

Not to my knowledge.
I’m just going to grab onto the “properties with a value of current page” part, as your request is very long and hard to understand without examples of what you are looking for.

Properties are key/value pairs. And instead of looking up a value based on its key. You’re going backwards.

In queries we ask of the block/page, give us your properties. Then with a get we specify what key (property name) to get and it returns the value for that property.