Incremental search in page with F3/Ctrl-F: no search popup please

Today Ctrl-Shift-K is used to search within a page; it pops up a popup window showing all the blocks containing the given text (I think it’s missing some sometimes, but that’s a separate issue). You can click on those to pop down the search window and go to that location in the document.
I would much prefer a standard search like in browsers or Emacs: hit Ctrl-F or F3, enter some text, and it finds and highlights the next location of that text in the document. Repeating Ctrl-F goes to the next location. No popup (just a small search box to enter the text).

It would be nice if linked references are also included in such search.

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It would be nice that the text found is displayed/highlighted/unfolded.
In my case I have the found text underneath a folded block. The search just tells me it is somewhere on the page and I need to open the .md file manually to see what is the related block.


Unlinked references should be included as well in the search.