Indentation and block references

Is there a way to reference a parent block and all of its children so that it looks exactly as entered, but consists of references to the original entries?

If I do a block reference on the parent block, that block is shown (underlined) but none of its children are shown. If I do a block embed, there is an awkward double bullet (a bullet for the block embed and then a bullet for the parent block in the block embed).

The only way I can seem to pull a block with children from the journal to a topic page and have it look the same as entered on the journal page is to copy, but I want to keep the content connected.

I feel like block embeds are probably the right tool for this, but it looks cluttered to build a topic page out of blocks that are block embeds, due to the extra bullets and block embed formatting.

so far there is no solution afaik but they are working in future to modify the appearance of the embedded block.
You can check in the channel #design in Discord

Ok, thank you for your response.