Infos on Logseq database version?


→ Movement on the Logseq Database version

Curious if there are already more infos out. Does this mean, future Versions of Logseq store file content and metadata in a local database like SQLite and not in Markdown files anymore?

I saw somewhere from a team member, stated that Logseq will eventually store data in database only, but you can export data as markdown files anytime you want.

This would be huge! If you compare Logseq performance with other data-base driven apps - Joplin as an example here using SQLite -, there currently is a big difference in favor of Joplin. Not yet speaking of other features like block timestamps facilitated by a database-driven approach.

Yes. As an alternative, IIRC there have been attempts in a Joplin plugin to create a virtual filesystem mapper, so you still can read notes, as if they were plain Markdown files in the filesystem - despite they are actually stored in a database. Which would be a good sweet spot between people needing files and folks more driven by consistency, features and performance.