Inline date and time attributes

I think we can all agree that dates are atrributes that are a different breed from other internal links, since it links heavily to each daily note page.

The current issue is that when you link to a date, you need some kind of template, format etc to add a date to. Also, we might add all kinds of other links that might obscure or distract from the date.

In a task scheduled for the 7th July, I would want to see them all in a single glance. I also wouldn’t want to have to indent to place the date under a date attribute.

My idea

Might be nice if we could just type send documents from sean to paige on {date: [[date]]} at {time: 0900} and automatically on the right side it shows a distinct date, or a :date: icon which you hover and shows the date and time. (Maybe you could also make the icon clickable to show the date picker)

This function could also be responsive to date or time ranges, for example: an example of this on {date: [[2021-12-12]] to [[2021-12-20]], not [[2021-12-15]]} at {time: 0900 to 1200}. This would then automatically insert itself on the daily note pages.

It could also introduce recurrence and programmable attention, like {date: every Wednesday from [[2021-12-01]] to ... or {date: every 1st day of month} or {date: interval * 2}

“For” Argument

Dates should be a special link and treated as such because they are central to logseq. They should also be dynamic because chronology is really important.

Roam did not get this right imo, and logseq shouldn’t be following in its footsteps here. Given how logseq has integrated deeply its task management feature, scheduling dates as queryable inline attributes would be the next move.

Other Ideas

Setting inline attributes can make blocks interactive. For example, when querying for tasks, we can arrange them by descending or ascending order. We can filter out tasks on certain dates or times, etc.