Insert all block refs from pdf as individual blocks in one go

It would make life a lot easier if there was an option to insert all highlights as blocks with their block refs instead of manually copy pasting these.

Like many, I use Logseq to manage my annotations from research papers (pdfs). I tend to highlight many relevant lines and then copy-paste each highlight as a block ref to the Logseq page with my notes. It means I keep the pdf at a fraction of the window size with the page open next to it. This is not ideal when reading lots of papers.

If I could bulk insert all highlights as block refs in one go, I could instead read and annotate the entire paper in full screen mode in and have all highlights in my Logseq page at the end, on demand. It would significantly reduce on the amount of productivity killing sequences: right click > copy as block ref > go to page > paste > go back to pdf

Even if I did that at the end, the amount of clicking would be the same.

i don’t think logseq has “batch copy ref” yet but it sounds like dragging could make your life a little easier? dragging a pdf highlight to your main window produces a block ref too. at least it reduces the clicking :eyes:

Im all for more functionality here.

That said, what I do is this:

  1. open pdf.
  2. open pdf in new window.
  3. (for safety) click on the hash icon at top of pdf in new window to make sure that the pdf’s reference page is opened.
  4. annotate from here. you can view the pdf full screen this way. worlds great on a surface pro in portrait mode for reading.

now fix things so that I can highlight in “touch mode” on my computer. :wink: