Insert Template list is limited to 10 template names

I opened this but report on GitHub. I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem?
When inserting a template, the list is limited to 10 templates. I have more than 10, so this is very annoying.

Question, too: Is there any other way to insert a template besides using the / template command**?**

@LShark What happens what you select /template and then start typing the name of the template you’re looking for? Does it reduce the amount of templates in the list? That’s what it should do:

CleanShot 2022-08-22 at 16.16.09

Hi, Ramses, yes, that does work, but I have problems with short term memory, and I don’t always remember the name of the template I want until I see it. But you’ve given me an idea. Maybe I need to think more about how I’m naming templates, and come up with a way that I can narrow down the list based on something I’m more likely to remember. Maybe also, I could just keep a reference list of all the names so that I can type it in like you suggest. I would consider this an answer, but will marking it as such mean that the “official” but report will be closed? I would really like to be able to scroll down the whole list.

I’ve been asking myself that since day one…

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There is no other way to insert templates currently, although @tienson has been thinking about adding a quicker way to access templates (for example using // or @). However, focus is not on some other parts of the tool before we move on to polishing smaller features like the command menu.

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@Ramses, how about ;; like in Roam?

{{template_name}} like macros.

By the way, here I wrote a feature request related:

The point, in my opinion, whatever the syntax is, is that it can be written, not just via command. And if they could work by transclusion like macros and not just substitution, that would be great, of course.