Insert Template list is limited to 10 template names

I opened this but report on GitHub. I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem?
When inserting a template, the list is limited to 10 templates. I have more than 10, so this is very annoying.

Question, too: Is there any other way to insert a template besides using the / template command**?**

@LShark What happens what you select /template and then start typing the name of the template you’re looking for? Does it reduce the amount of templates in the list? That’s what it should do:

CleanShot 2022-08-22 at 16.16.09

Hi, Ramses, yes, that does work, but I have problems with short term memory, and I don’t always remember the name of the template I want until I see it. But you’ve given me an idea. Maybe I need to think more about how I’m naming templates, and come up with a way that I can narrow down the list based on something I’m more likely to remember. Maybe also, I could just keep a reference list of all the names so that I can type it in like you suggest. I would consider this an answer, but will marking it as such mean that the “official” but report will be closed? I would really like to be able to scroll down the whole list.