Integrate automatic linking into Logseq

The available plugin in marketplace called Automatic Linker has been around for sometime and it is unfortunately a bit buggy when it comes to do the linking job.

I believe this is a feature that Logseq team should consider integrate into the app as:

  • when the number of tags and links becomes unmanageably large, automatic linking can really help organise the notes without user scratching head what this is and where it should go
  • this can be a complex feature to implement therefore it is probably better to be an internal development effort rather than a third-party interfacing stuff
  • the current available option seems to only receive very occasional fixes and remains tricky to use

I do have a love-hate relation with that plugin as it is currently … :-).
I love the idea of automatic linking but dislike the fact that it is not while writing. When I for instance use a person’s name 5 times in a block it get linked 5 times and I don’t want that. Just the first time is fine.

Obsidians plugin do it much better by showing the matching notes when typing and if you want to select one you can and if you keep typing it will disappear. So you can decide on the fly (while typing) if you want to use a link or not. That kind of integrating linking in your workflow is essential.

Now I have to go back a lot to remove auto linked items or link items manually if the search did not find it correctly.