[💡] Integration with LanguageTool.org

I just started using language tool myself and would love to have it in logseq! Great idea!!

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I didn’t know LanguageTool. It’s great.

Thanks for the tip.


Thanks so much for introducing us to this excellent tool.

I just installed it on my Windows 10. While playing around, I found it created a system-wide shortcut ctrl+q. It lets you check any selected text on any program. After you select some text on any program and do ctrl+q, the selected text will show up on the LanguageTool Windows app.

Not the same as using it directly on Logseq, but I’m content with how this works.


It’s been a while, but I still wanted to upvote this request. It would be very interesting to use LanguageTool in Logseq.


I forgot to register in this thread that I opened an issue in the languageetool repository about the plugin and it was categorized by a maintainer
it doesn’t sound to me like it was prioritized, but now they are aware that logseq has demand for a plugin


Apparently nobody has started working on this, I am investing time in writing this plugin

I invite everyone who is interested in contribute


yeah, it’s unfortunate. Good luck, and I can’t wait to test it!

There is a plugin for Grammary, but I couldn’t get it to work even with a premium account; so I wouldn’t rely on its code if you were planning to.

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