Intending a block after a collapsed block makes the block disapear

(v0.2.10, Windows, desktop)

Initial situation:
You have a block with subitems that is collapsed and another block below it.

If you now indent the second block, it seems to disappear. It has moved into the collapsed block.

This seems quite logical as far as it goes.

:sparkles: My request:
Automatically unfold the upper block in this situation. This makes perfect sense to me, because in the rarest of cases, simply making the block “disappear” is the desired goal.

:beetle: The bug:
If you have indented the block by mistake, you can no longer unindent the block with the keyboard shortcut shift+tab until you unfold the block above. AND you can’t simply move the cursor up with the keyboard because Logseqs cursor is in an “unclear” state (similar to my reported bug here: LOGseq gets confused itself - where is the cursor - am I in edit mode?

And the problem seems to be related/similar with this situation: