“internal status sync failed” (Logseq v0.10.3 macOS Ventura)

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 06.38.35

Hi, new to Logseq, but believe a bug has presented itself. Using iCloud to share graph between devices. The graph in question is rarely if ever accessed by any other device or Logseq instance. Strong internet connection. The first sync issue cropped up yesterday and could not determine the cause, simply noted the alert and made the assumption it was due to a recently installed logseq-plugin-git instance, so I deactivated it. However, the same message happened this morning, the difference being that a second instance of Logseq was spawned, and very oddly, pages were “cropped” (meaning could not scroll to the top of the page). That is kind of confirming the matter is a bug in Logseq, not the plugin. To be clear, this Logseq instance is essentially the sole accessor of the graph hosted on iCloud and no other instances accessed this graph or were accessing this graph when the alert appeared. If I can do something here to fix, great, but reporting here just in case the issue can be determined to be caused by a factor at play by Logseq 0.10.3. Feedback welcomed, thanks.