Intro - Hi I am Ed, Long time admirer of Logseq

HI Everyone, loving the new forum and hope this can grow. A little bit about me:

I am Ed, originally from Italy but currently working and living in London as an Accountant.

As part of my day to day work I have to deal with a significant amount of industries and entities within each industry. This led me to create a number of notes which were previously taken in OneNote. It worked fine for a while but I would continuously struggle to find what I was looking for. I was basically taking a note and never recalling it or coming across it.

After carrying out a number of searches on how to take better notes I stumbled upon the Zettelkasten method which opened a whole new world for me, and brought me down one heck of a rabbit hole. Taking atomic notes and being able to link concepts was an eye opener. Luckily, or unluckily, I got into it just at the time when a vast number of apps were being developed and released…queue testing out nearly all of them and having a productive summer/autumn :slight_smile:

Other than that, I am a bit of a numbers nerd and a sucker for tech /gadgets and a good book.

I am here to learn from the community and help out in whichever small way as I can.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a good day/evening.


Hi Ed, very nice of you. I hope this forum can provide some extra support than the GitHub issue(e.g., feature request voting ) and aggregate scattered discussions about logseq on the Internet. I am also so glad to see other people might enjoy the new forum.

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Hey Ed! Welcome to this forum and thank you so much for your support!
Ed made several videos about logseq on Youtube, which you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Would love to hear more what you’ve tested.
I just saw Roam, heard of Obsidian, but tested Logseq first and stayed. :smile_cat:

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@Ed_Nico Looking forward to your mini-series blog posts!

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Haha I have started a bit of a mini series on the note taking apps that I have used and come across and will look to expand on it over the next few months as well as put up some written content on the apps.

I tested a few out before coming across Logseq and using it as my main tool, but I like to see what is out there and if there are any processes that I can bring in to my working so keeping an eye on what else it out there :slight_smile: Will share the link to my writings as soon as get these done

It’s coming man :slight_smile: slowly slowly but it is getting there. Hoping to publish over Christmas when will have a bit more time to finalise and make sure it is good

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Wow, that will be a gift, thank you!