Intro - Hi, I'm An a student from Boston/Wichita/Los Angeles!

Hey everyone :wave: ,
I’m An.
:earth_asia: I’m from Kansas, US; but I’m living in Los Angeles right now. And, I go to school in Boston!
:now: Working to make Logseq beautiful and usable. I’m also learning about Computational Neuroscience, how humans and societies succeed, and how to make more things!
:map: How I found Logseq: I was just browsing the new wave of knowledge tools and came across Logseq, it’s the dream tool I never knew I needed! I’ve been helping log bugs and designing new features, and I recently joined the Logseq team!


Looking forward to your next creative work! We want Logseq to be more beautiful and easy to use.


I believe that there’s a lot of things we can learn from Computational Neuroscience to enhance Logseq’s user creativity. Thanks for providing such an amazing tool.

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I’m excited too! There are a lot of core stability and editor refactoring we have to get right before we make it beautiful, but we have a lot planned on the UI + UX end. My Figma is overflowing!! Stay tuned :smiley:

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Really looking forward to.