iOS app completely un-usable

hi, as of a few weeks ago, the iOS logseq app has become completely un-usable, due to getting the same InvalidStateError over and over again:

if i close it out, the app can sometimes recover, but most of the time it just fires another one so fast that i basically can’t use the app.

i’ve been using the logseq sync on iOS basically sync the launch of that feature, it’s only been the last ~month that i’ve seen this problem.


Any solution for this bug, I also face this problem for a while.

Bumping this for more visibility. I’m running into the same issue and it’s very frustrating. I have Logseq Sync and I keep experiencing this on both my iPhone and iPad.

As I an immediate adopter of the Logseq Sync subscription, I really want to continue to support this team.

We need better open source solutions, and you deserve to get paid for your work.

And all of that said…if I can’t use your iOS app, I have no choice but to cancel my subscription. Why would I pay to sync to a device that isn’t supported?

I updated the iOS Logseq app last week and since then it has been completely unusable.

I’m encountering a bunch of issues:

  • app crashing on boot
  • flash cards changing by themselves
  • keyboard disappearing making typing impossible

I thought maybe this was because I was using iCloud for sync - I’ve since switched to Logseq sync and i just see the app crash more.

is anyone from the logseq team reading this? we are your customers and we can’t use your product!

I’m going to try clearing up a few things (some of them well known, but added here for relative completeness):

  • The forums is not currently a support service.
    • It is rather a place for community interaction.
  • Logseq’s team is currently very busy with the coming database version.
    • This is crucial for making a product available.
  • So far there is no product.
    • Logseq is still in beta.
    • When a product becomes available, it will be generally free.
  • So far there are no customers.
    • When customers become possible, they will be for paid services, not for the application.
    • Current subscriptions are a form of funding ongoing development, not of buying some existing service.
  • Limited support is available by email (read here).

Concerning your problem, should generally try going back to a previous working state:

  • Re-install.
  • Downgrade to a previous version.
  • Use a different syncing approach (many do).