iOS app How do you select a block

I’m looking for how to select a block in iOS. I’ve accidently selected a block several times but can’t nail down how to do it intentionally.
I’ve seen a different context menu pop up and the block is highlighted. How do I do this intentionally?

Not entirely sure I understand but here are some intentional things you can do with blocks on iOS:

  • click on the bullet point: this will bring you to a “separate page” with just that block present.
  • long press on the bullet point: this selects the block for moving around on the page etc.
  • use the slash command (type “/“) and an empty input box should appear. For blocks try experimenting with “block embed” and “block reference”. That is, start typing “block” and those options will appear; just tap one.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I did try this, but the best result I got with long pressing the bullet was selecting the block, then the block immediately unselects leaving only the bullet itself selected. Could this just be a bug?

Drag the block to the left. Medium swipe un-indents, long swipe selects and brings up the menu (you should see an ellipsis-inside-a-circle icon become highlighted as you do it)

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This was what I was looking for! Thank you so much!!

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It’s finicky but I got the moving around to work… if you press and hold and start moving the bullet up or down you should see an insertion like between blocks as you move across line breaks.

It could be that you just haven’t lucked into the right move yet. Or maybe it’s possible you have a certain bug I have not had the misfortune to run into.

Made a screen recording that I can’t post cause iOS and gifs. Sorry :grimacing:

This is very cool - had no idea I was even missing that.
Now I finally understand what @caffeinius was looking for.

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See my image, and follow according to numbers

Yes, this solution is better than mine, which I posted below, because I was having a hard time swiping, then copying.
But then I discovered that when I collapse then expand the top bullet the swiping and copying part is much easier, plus the paste in the text editor works much better.
Thank you, Gents!