iPAD iOS version of logseq “link” icon

Hello all!

I”m new to Logseq. I primarily use the iOS version. Could someone clarify the “link” icon in the tool bar. When I click it I get two sets of brackets. At first I assumed this was a standard URL link tool, but it seems to create a link and a new PAGE at the same time. Thoughts?

Related……does an iOS guide to the tool bar exist anywhere? I figured out the “paint roller”, but there are other icons I need to take a deep dive on.

Thanks in advance.


Links in Markdown: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide

That’s kind of the main selling point of logseq. The ability to make links to pages and very uniquely go those pages and see the pages that link to it.

I gues he means [](). But I am just guessing.

Looking for an answer for question #2. What does the “page” icon on the bottom of iOS do? I think I read the description once before, but darned if I can find it now.