iPhone continuity camera support on macOS

In some apps on macOS you can use what apple calls “continuity camera”. For instance, in the textedit app, if you right the document, on the menu is something that says “take photo”. If you click this, immediately your iPhone will be in camera mode. You take a photo, and instantly that photo shows up on your mac in the textedit app document you are creating.

This same functionality exists in several apple apps and also third party apps. It is a quick way, while editing on the mac, to take a photo with your iPhone camera and insert it in the document you are editing on the mac.

I would like to see this functionality in the logseq macOS app. I would like to be able to right click in a block, choose “take photo” (or even just use a keyboard shortcut) and instantly be able to take a photo on the iPhone which immediately shows up in that block of my logseq document.

Related to this, some Mac apps that deal with a timeline will display pictures you took at the appropriate place on the timeline based on time taken.

This might be interesting in the Journal mode at least…