iPhone keyboard opens and closes while clicking by blocks

I found really frustrating behavior while using Logseq on my iPhone.
The keyboard periodically opens and closes for a second. Why does it do it? It’s distracting of editing because my brain tries to take attention to it every time.

Is it possible to show that keyboard every time or hide every time when I just hanging around.
There is a video.
See the keyboard dancing?


Yes it’s annoying, the reason is pretty simple though.
It’s because you go out of edit mode (keyboard closes) and back into edit mode (keyboard opens).
This is because each bullet is it’s own thing, it’s own note so to speak.
I don’t have an iPhone, but I’ll assume Android and iPhone are similar here.
If you just type and use enter to create a new bullet afterward the keyboard stays open. Like

  • type some here and press enter
  • continue typing here.

So it would only affect you when going back to a previous bullet to edit it.

You are right. It works fine in that way when I know what I’m going to write beforehand.
But my brain works somehow differently. It’s jumping backwards and forwards by key points writing and editing things as I listen to a lecture or watching a movie for example.

It’s working well in Obsidian (it has different annoying things that force me to switch out of it).

Probably it would be great having the ability to force “edit” mode manually.

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