Is chemical formula supported in logseq

Is there any plugins that supprt inputing the chemical formula?

Logseq supports MHCHEM extension for Katex. Just put the code in between $$code$$ or $code$


Thanks , l will try it.

And how to print the one-way arrow?

This link js all you need Chemistry notation using mhchem - MoodleDocs

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Thanks! It’s very useful!

Thanks, this is great!
Do you know, if there is a tool for inputting structures too?

I rememer it is also in the documentation. If not, you can google it yourself!

Let me google that
I’m afraid you remember incorrectly; the document is about formulae, not structure.

To me, this comes off as rough and a bit harsh. I would like to ask you not to provide advice to me this way in the future.
Thanks in advance