Is it possible to create a template that includes page properties?

I’d really like to create a template that forms the basis for each of my “staff” pages. I’ve seen no videos, documentation, or anything else that would indicate this is possible, but it seems like something that would be pretty useful. When I define the template to be used, the properties are associated with the block, not with the page to which I’d like it to appear. Maybe templates aren’t the answer, but there’s another way to create a common set of properties (page or otherwise) that can be dropped into multiple places and customized as required?

Is there an approach for doing something like this? For pages with a number of properties, it’s pretty tedious to create them individually on each page.

I’m not sure I understand you correctly but this seems easy to do for me. You can create a template that containsthe page properties you need as properties in the first block of the template followed by any other blocks you want.

Assuming you create individual pages for each staff member you would create the page and then call the template. It will create page properties for you.

So I have a templates page that contains a handful of templates. One of these has a “Staff Template” block with child blocks for properties, employeed id, location, etc. Because the template definition itself is a block within the templates page, the properties are block properties rather than page properties, I think. When I attempt to inject the staff template at the top of a staff member’s page, the properties aren’t handled properly as page properties and I end up having to redo them.

It seems in your screenshot only the first one is a property. All of them need to be in a single block to be recognized as page properties

Well, turns out you’re right. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong before since I don’t feel like I changed anything, but now it’s working. Thanks for your help. At the very least, it encouraged me to go back and try again.

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Have you used double colons? :: ?